Youth Ministry

One of the biggest blessings in my life right now is serving as a volunteer leader for Peninsula Community Chapel (the church that I’ve been plugged into over a year now). I get the pleasure to spend my Sunday evenings in fellowship not only with awesome students, but fellow leaders who challenge me and broaden my view of the Gospel as we discuss the lessons and eat dinner before the students arrive. Serving as a volunteer youth leader was always something I thought I might do later on in my college career, but it was not something that I thought that I would be approached about my fall semester freshman year. It was during CRU large group that I was introduced to Jamie Brown through one of the CRU staff members in the topic of PCC’s youth ministries seeking someone to lead worship Sunday nights. The Lord knew my heart and desire to get back into leading worship just weeks after arriving at CNU.

I was asked to share about how God has been moving in and throughout my ministry at our annual Ministry Expo where we have a chili cookout and showcase all the ways people can get involved and had this to say:

Man, the best way I can describe my ministry is by depicting my thought process one Sunday night during student ministries a couple weeks ago. There I was, sitting with the other leaders as we listened to Chapps present God-breathed Word before the students and I couldn’t help but think “Dang, I really needed to hear this message. I feel like I need this message more than the youth do” and yet I was the one who was to facilitate the discussion with my girls only moments later. See the thing is, ministry is not where I have become a “professional Christian”. God has used ministry in my life as an opportunity to use my gifts for His glory, and to come at me from every angle and humble me as He surrounds me with his life-giving truth. Me serving as a leader in my ministries, has made me aware that I am the ultimate servant. It’s all for Him.

Not only has God been using this ministry to point me to Him, he also has given the pleasure of meeting some of the sweetest girls who love on me in ways I don’t deserve. My youth girls hold a special place in my heart, as well as my co-leaders. I want to share another story:

The other night my 10th-11th grade girls small group went iceskating since we wouldn’t be having student ministries that Sunday. We talked, ate Panda Express, read fortune cookies, at ice cream, and just had fun!While I could go on FOREVER about how much I love these ladies, I’m gonna share about my experience as Kaylee was teaching me how to turn backwards on skates tonight. She explained to me that it was one single move of the right foot; that it was quick and simple. She said that it would feel super unnatural. I asked her about 500 questions like “do I switch my weight?” “do I move my body at all?” “do I turn in or outwards?” and every time she would skate patiently beside me and remind me that it was simple. That it would feel uncomfortable but she would show me how simple it was after each one of my persistent questions, and voilá – she would be skating backwards. How true is this of us trusting the Lord with things that are scary. Every time I would try and turn, my body would fight me and tell that I would fall. Every time I would tell myself “well surely there’s something else that I need to do than just a simple move like that”. When it comes to trusting the Lord with scary things in our life, it’s the same way. We feel it’s unnatural; we think we will fail and maybe fall; we tell ourselves that it’s not that simple; we get caught up in the “steps”. So thank you Jesus, for not only blessing me with sweet friends, Panda Express, ice cream and ice skating…. but for reminding me that all it takes is one move. One turn that is so scary but so worth it, to fall into the arms of a Savior that is worth trusting.

God has blessed me with so many of these moments. So many moments where He uses people I love to demonstrate His character, goodness, and purpose for me. I am not deserving of doing life alongside these people, but He’s placed in before me and asked me to honor Him by serving His people. Little did I know that serving His people would actually be the place I feel most served.